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E3 2017: Crackdown 3 Brings the Boom with Terry Crews and First Look at Campaign

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Agility Orbs, explosions, open-world sandbox gameplay, Terry Crews and oh yeah, more explosions — all the ingredients necessary to step up your boom in Crackdown 3 when it launches november 7, 2017 for the Xbox One family of devices with Xbox Play Anywhere support — buy it once and play it on both console and Windows 10.

starring Terry Crews as Commander Jaxon, Crackdown 3 blasted into the 2017 Xbox E3 briefing in a big way with the worldwide debut of 4K hyper-powered gameplay from its story campaign (you can see this explosive trailer above).

Set in 2045, a major blackout has plunged the world’s major metropolitan areas into darkness and chaos. The Agency, the world’s elite taskforce of peace and justice, has picked up a hot lead and they’ll stop at nothing to find the ones responsible and deliver a harsh dose of justice… by any means necessary.

Crackdown 3 brings super-powered Agents to New Providence, a futuristic open-world city ripe for exploration, now on the brink of collapse at the hands of the corrupt criminal network Terranova, Incorporated. Join Commander Jaxon and The Agency to take on the crime lords of New Providence using your tools of mayhem and chaos, like the singularity gun that shoots off a black hole and pulls destruction into its path for maximum impact. And as an Xbox Play Anywhere title with cross-save and cross-play support, you can bring the boom solo or with four-player online co-op over Xbox Live on Xbox One and Windows 10.

Crackdown 3 also comes with Wrecking Zone, a 100% destructible battle arena powered by Microsoft Cloud — we’ll have more details to share later this Summer.

You can pre-order Crackdown 3 starting today at your local Microsoft Store and And be sure to stay tuned to Xbox Wire for more information on Crackdown 3’s campaign throughout the week of E3.

See the rest of the story on Xbox Wire

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