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《Pokémon GO》國服腰斬的背後,或催生出百億級的手游新市場 vincent0326  • 2016-07-14 09:47 – “Pok mon GO” behind the clothes cut, or the birth of a ten billion Mobile Games new markets

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美國Digital Vision發表的最新數據:《Pokémon GO》DAU已經逼近twitter,僅在美國地區最高單日下載340萬,平均每個用戶每天玩43分鐘,超過Whatsapp、Snapchat等熱門軟件。除此之外,據app Annie推算,該遊戲上線三個地區,首周實現凈收入100萬美元的成績,如果登陸全球市場,年收入有望突破10億美元。然而《Pokémon GO》全球火熱的另一面是國服確定無望,在遺憾的同時也不難發現,這款遊戲已經國內手游市場開拓出另一片極具潛力的空間,而且國內手游廠商要想跟隨腳步分一杯羹,也並不困難。
American Digital Vision published the latest data: the Pok (Mon go “dau has been close to twitter, only in the United States highest downloads in a single day 340 million, 43 minutes playing average per user per day, more than Whatsapp, snapchat and other popular software. In addition, according to Annie app projections, the game on the line in three areas, the first week to achieve net income of $100 million results, if the global market, the annual income is expected to exceed $10. However the Pok (Mon go “global hot on the other side of the coin is that national service determine the hopeless, is also not difficult to find in the regret at the same time, this game has domestic travel market open up another potential space and domestic travel vendors to to follow in the footsteps of points a cup of soup, is not difficult.

一、這遊戲有毒,《Pokémon GO》顛覆了手游主流玩法
One, this game is toxic, “mon e GO Pok” to subvert the mainstream of hand travel play

作為一款全球性的手游,《Pokémon GO》僅在三個區上線就已經吸引了全球玩家蜂擁而至,甚至成為了所有口袋妖怪IP改編的手游中最成功的一款。“這遊戲有毒”是大部分玩家的直觀感受,究其原因,遊戲本身的創新玩法發揮着至關重要的作用。
As a global tour, “Pok (Mon go” only in three areas of the on-line has attracted the global players flocked, and even become the most successful of all the Pokemon IP adaptation of the tour in the hand of a. “This game is toxic” is the intuitive feelings of the majority of players, the reason, the game itself plays an important role in innovation play.

1.LBS+AR+RPG fusion

《Pokémon GO》可以說是一款改變生活的手游。從研發上看,《Pokémon GO》最大的突破在於實現了LBS技術與AR技術在手游中的革新性運用,讓這款遊戲不再只是一款單純的手游。就LBS技術分析,《Pokémon GO》基於google實景地圖數據和技術,將手機手機中的GPS定位系統作為媒介,手持移動設備到各地的據點進行拓展行為。而AR技術在這款遊戲中則實現了實時的場景重建,利用攝像頭對周圍環境進行識別和投射,使得增強現實不只停留在地圖定位的層面。
“Pok e GO mon” can be said to be a change in the life of the hand travel. From the research and development, “Pok e GO mon” the biggest breakthrough is to achieve the LBS technology and AR technology in the innovative use of hand travel, so that the game is no longer just a simple hand travel. On LBS technology analysis, the Pok (Mon go “based on google map map data and technology, mobile phone and mobile phone GPS positioning system as a media, handheld mobile devices to around the stronghold expansion. And AR technology in this game is to achieve a real-time scene reconstruction, using the camera to identify the surrounding environment and projection, making the reality is not only stay at the level of map positioning.

Of course, it retains the original RPG elements of the game, fighting, develop, collect and other play are reflected in the game. This can be called “save the dead house,” the game, prompting the player to go out of the house to explore and incubation, found mon e Pok need to explore the outdoors, hatching Pok e eggs also need to go more than 2 kilometers away. All kinds of settings in the game itself is a sense of pleasure to add an alternative to the new entertainment experience.

2 advanced from friends online to offline interaction, social function is prominent

《Pokémon GO》遊戲中除了引導玩家跳脫出屏幕,走到戶外,還將線上的好友模式引導至線下的交互模式。在玩遊戲過程中,玩家可能偶遇真實世界的陌生玩家,以此在線下產生遊戲外的交流互動。
The Pok (Mon go “in the game in addition to guide a player to jump out of the screen, went out and will be online friend mode guide to the next line of interactive mode. In the process of playing the game, the player may encounter strange players of the real world, in order to produce interactive online game.

Niantic founder and CEO Hank said: “we want to let the development team to create their own style of Gym and Pok stops site, and the introduction of the trading mechanism. We believe that this will further stimulate cooperation, competition and social interaction between the players.”

Two, the “Pok monGO” to give up the clothes, leaving a Jianlou opportunities

今天,任天堂通過《Pokémon GO》官方facebook公布,這款遊戲不會在中國(包括台灣市場上線,成為任天堂放棄的六個市場之一。而不可否認的是,這款遊戲的面世“間接”地為國內手游市場開拓出了一片新的土地。
Today, Nintendo through the Pok e GO mon official facebook announced that the game will not be on the market in China (including Taiwan) online, becoming one of the six Nintendo to give up. And can not be denied that the launch of the game “indirectly” for the domestic travel market to open up a new land.

1 popular in the country, similar to the hand travel “city wizard GO” by the wind to download over 60 million

雖未在中國區開放,《Pokémon GO》依然火爆。在中國區解鎖的約8個小時里,用戶在微博和朋友圈奔走相告,“Pokémon GO”百度移動趨勢指數也暴漲至9100,至截稿時已有97個“Pokémon GO”玩家QQ交流群。關於如何在中國玩《Pokémon GO》的微信號文章,不少閱讀量達到10萬以上。國內一款名為《城市精靈GO》(名字和畫面與《Pokémon GO(精靈寶可夢GO)》非常相似)的遊戲也接着這股熱潮在7月5日在遊戲下載榜飆升了728名,至今已在app Store免費榜呆了5天。按照app Store下載量估算,《城市精靈GO》下載量已經超過60萬。據統計,從全球範圍來看,目前已經出現了超20款《Pokémon GO》的山寨遊戲
Although not open in China, “Pok e GO mon” is still hot. In the unlock in China for about 8 hours, users in microblogging and friends excitedly spread the news, “Pok (Mon go” Baidu mobile trend index also soared to 9100, to when the deadline has 97 “Pok (Mon go” internationally QQ exchange group. On how to play in China, “mon e GO Pok” micro signal article, a lot of reading to reach more than 10 million. A country called the city elves go “(name and picture and the Pok (Mon go (ELF treasure can dream go)” is very similar to the game and this upsurge in the July 5 in the game download list surged 728, has been in the app store for free list spent 5 days. In accordance with the Store app download estimates, “city wizard GO” download has more than 60 million. According to statistics, from a global point of view, there have been over 20 “mon e GO Pok” cottage game.

《Pokémon GO》可以說是手游市場迄今為止受到關注最多、曝光最頻繁的一款手游產品
“Pok e GO mon” can be said to be the hand travel market so far has been concerned about the most, the most frequent exposure of a hand travel products.

2 a week of net income over 100 million, revenue capacity over the heavy hand travel

《Pokémon GO》不僅受眾非常廣,在收入上也一樣實力強勁。《Pokémon GO》上線不到一天時間就登頂美國app Store暢銷榜,4天後登頂google Play暢銷榜。營收凌駕於MZ《遊戲戰爭:火力時代》這款吸金重度手游之上。也打破了此前Supercell《皇室戰爭》一天登頂app Store暢銷榜,7天登頂google Play暢銷榜的記錄。
“Pok e GO mon” is not only a very wide audience, but also the same strength of income. “Pok mon GO” on the line less than a day to climb the app Store bestseller list, 4 days after the summit of google Play bestsellers. Revenue over the MZ game of War: fire time, this suction gold heavy hand travel on top. Also broke the previously supercell the Royal war “day summit app store bestsellers, 7 days summit bestseller list in the google play records.

這款遊戲目前只在美國、新西蘭和澳大利亞三個國家開放,根據app Annie的數據顯示,上線至今一周的時間已經創造了100萬美元的凈收入。如果登陸全球市場,這款遊戲年收入有望超過10億美元國內推出該類手游,品質有保證的情況下,營收潛力是不需擔憂的。(Super Data Research則給出了更大膽的預測,分析師Joostvan Dreunen說:“《Pokémon GO》自發布以來,在所有平台的收入預計達到了1404萬美元。”)
The game is currently only in the United States, New Zealand and Australia three countries open, according to Annie app data show that the line has been a week of time has created a net income of $100. If the landing of the global market, the game is expected to exceed $10 in annual revenue. Domestic launch of this type of hand travel, quality assurance, revenue potential is not to worry about. (Data Research Super gives a more bold prediction, analyst Dreunen Joostvan said: “mon e GO Pok” since its release, revenue in all platforms is expected to reach $1404.

3 hand travel to enhance the degree of goodwill, to encourage players to go out

如果僅是從風靡程度和營收情況來談《Pokémon GO》,這款遊戲也頂多是一款出挑的手游。但它將玩家從線上帶到線下,將手游從個人消遣上升到現實共享樂趣的層面。這對於整個手遊行業來說將產生意義非凡的影響。
If only from the popularity and revenue situation to talk about “Pok mon GO”, the game can do is a special Mobile Games. But it will be the players from the line to the line, the hand travel from personal entertainment to the reality of sharing the fun level. This for the entire tour industry will have a significant impact on the significance of.

國內經常會給遊戲玩家貼上“不務正業、沉迷、不思進取”等負面標籤,這些標籤背後則也映射出遊戲對更多的玩家來說是消遣娛樂的方式,對個人生活很少有正面影響。而《Pokémon GO》不僅將玩家帶到線下,演變為一種鍛煉方式,也能和陌生玩家實現線下交流接觸完成社交使命。這種健康的玩法恐怕中國家長不會再將手游視為洪水猛獸。
Domestic often stick to the game player “raffish, indulgence, enterprising” negative label, behind these labels is mapping out the games for more players, entertainment, on the lives of individuals rarely have positive effect. The mon e GO Pok not only will the player with the line, the evolution of a training mode, but also to achieve the next line of communication with unfamiliar players to complete the social mission. This health Chinese parents will probably play Mobile Games as great scourges.

4 similar to play the hand travel, together to prop up the market plate

手游從最初的《推箱子》、《貪吃蛇》到今天的《皇室戰爭》,雖然數量在不斷的暴漲,但是真正給手遊行業帶來創新刺激的產品並不多。像《部落戰爭》、《戰爭遊戲:活力時代》和《皇室戰爭》等極少數量的創新佳作則會成為跟隨的標杆,從而衍生出一個由上百上千款同類產品組成的龐大手游分支。而今天的《Pokémon GO》從營收、受眾和創新等角度來說都達到了成為標杆的標準,必然會有上千跟隨者一起將AR+LBS手游品類的市場盤子不斷推高,創造出遠超10億美元的市場規模。
Hand travel from the initial “push the box”, “snake” to today’s “the Royal war”, although the number of constant inflation, but the real hand travel industry to bring innovative products to stimulate. Like the tribal war “,” war games: the vigour of the times “and” Royal war “and so few number of innovation masterpiece will become a benchmark for the following, which derived from a composed of hundreds of thousands of similar products in the large tour branch. And today the Pok (Mon go “from the perspective of revenue, the audience and the innovation to become the benchmark standard, will thousands of followers together will AR+LBS hand travel category market plate continue to push higher, create far more than the $10 billion market size.

Three, the front has completed the exploration of domestic manufacturers, “imitation” how difficult?

1 “LBS+AR” underlying technology for reference and use

《Pokémon GO》這款遊戲的技術在終端顯示效果並沒有那麼強大,LBS和AR兩項技術的結合,做出了基於地圖定位的透明背景和基於實時鏡頭的真實場景的重合。而這樣的研發技術,對國內遊戲廠商來說並不是太大的難題。
The Pok (Mon go “game in the terminal display effect is not so strong, combination of LBS and AR technology, made based on map location transparent background and based on the coincidence of real lens of a real scene. And this R & D technology for domestic game makers is not too much of a problem.

國內早有多款具備LBS功能的手游,據手游那點事了解,《QQ都市》、《怪獸島》、《我叫MT》、《神奇寶貝番外》、《利維亞戰記》、《名偵探柯南OL》等產品均增加了LBS元素。可惜的是,這些遊戲大部分應用了LBS的對話、約戰、互贈物品等基礎交互功能,與具備虛擬現實功能的產品還有一定差距。但現在,《Pokémon GO》提供了一個新的思路,在有基礎想法的前提下,要從技術上實現這樣的展示和效果,相信國內廠商同樣也具備如此實力。
The country has long been a variety of have the function of LBS mobile games, according to tour the understanding, “QQ and the city”, “monster island”, “my name is Mt”, “Baby Magic fan”, “Livia wars”, the detective Conan ol “products have increased the LBS element. Unfortunately, these games most applications the lbs of dialogue, Yuezhan, exchanging gifts etc. based interactive function, and have the function of virtual reality products, there is still a gap. But now, “Pok GO mon” provides a new way of thinking, under the premise of the basic idea, to achieve this display and effect from the technology, I believe that the domestic manufacturers also have such strength.

2 find the right IP: well known degree is high enough to guide the user to go out”

要打造一款風靡的“戶外手游”,IP的熱度和契合度相當重要。《Pokémon GO》爆紅的背後,除了口袋精靈IP的熱度和粉絲沉澱之外,其核心玩法與IP“抓精靈”的世界觀設定非常契合,這是一大關鍵原因。
To create a popular outdoor tour, IP heat and fit is very important. “Pok GO mon” burst of red behind, in addition to the pocket wizard IP heat and fans of precipitation, its core gameplay and IP “grasp the spirit” of the world view is very fit, which is a major reason.

For domestic game makers, in order to share a piece of the outlet of this new play, the first to find the right IP. This IP must ensure that the game can bring enough recognition and fans in the mass community, and also have to help them find a suitable reason, so that they are willing to go out”. Of course, from this, the country is not without such a IP. If the game player go “all monsters surrender” journey to the west, believe it is worth a try.

3.時機到來:《Pokémon GO》已經喚醒了玩家的意識
3 time to arrive: “Pok e GO mon” has awakened the player’s consciousness

針對手游的這種新玩法,儘管之前多少有些嘗試,但影響力與《Pokémon GO》相差甚遠。而這一次,《Pokémon GO》已然引起了一波狂歡,甚至讓不少用戶“路人轉粉”。在這次新玩法的推進上,《Pokémon GO》的創新和開拓功不可沒,它喚醒了玩家的意識,培養起了玩家的興趣,使得真正意義上基於LBS的手游不再只是停留在概念層面。而這,甚至為國內手游廠商試探出了一條值得嘗試的道路。
This new play for hand travel, despite some attempts before, but the influence and the “Pok e GO mon” is far from. And this time, mon e GO Pok has caused a wave of carnival, and even a lot of users to turn the powder”. In advance of the new play, “Pok (Mon go” innovation and pioneering work can not be, it awakened player’s consciousness, raise the player’s interest, making based on lbs of hand travel is not just stay at the conceptual level. And this, even for domestic manufacturers Mobile Games try out a worthwhile way.

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