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APP“出海”推廣一定要注重的戰略和方法 vincent0326  • 2016-07-13 15:05 – APP “sea” promotion must pay attention to the strategy and methods

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與PC時代只能在國內強忍分杯羹不同,移動互聯網給各大應用走出去的機會。當國內app已是“紅海”,走出國門成為國產app求得生存的新途徑。近幾年中國app業者在海外市場表現不俗的成員,如Clean Master(獵豹清理大師),shAREit(茄子快傳)等,讓身處“紅海”的眾多中國app開發者和創業者有了新的興奮點。 
share with the PC era at home only endure different mobile Internet for the application of chance to go out. When the domestic app has been the Red Sea, to go abroad to become a new way to survive app. In recent years, China’s app industry members in the impressive performance of the overseas market, such as clean master (clean cheetah Master), shareIt (eggplant fast pass), let living in the “Red Sea” many Chinese app developers and entrepreneurs who have new excitement. Nbsp; &

& nbsp; but the problem is that not all of the products are suitable for the sea, the overseas market is also full of crisis. Then, the mobile Internet Co should be how to develop their own sea strategy, in the process of the sea should be how to do promotion? Today, from these two aspects to chat with you. Nbsp; &

“Sea” localization of the four major steps nbsp; &

& nbsp; first, determine the direction of localization & nbsp;

When you determine the localization, the first question will be faced, which countries or regions?” , usually on this issue, many people would like to consider the popularity and popularity of the language, as well as the population base to consider. Personally think that these factors are not considered wrong, just before this, you should first determine the localization of the strategic direction, is to select the “depth of localization” or “a small range of localization”.

& nbsp; depth localization & nbsp;

This direction requires only a small number of markets, and can be based on certain characteristics of the region or the country, set the function, expand the channels, and develop appropriate promotional activities, etc.. In the “depth localization”, we can take the measures including domestic custody, localization, customer service, etc..

& nbsp; small range localization

& nbsp; this direction is more able to test the impact of the application in certain markets, as well as to obtain a wider range of users. Usually, you need to ensure that the product is simple and easy to operate, then the language into the native language, and then gradually expand your localization step.

& nbsp; two; determine the localization range nbsp; &

After the strategy is developed, the next step is to determine how much content the product needs to be localized.

 如果只是想測試某些市場的潛力,可以不用那麼全面進行本地化,比如說可以從語言開始,慢慢擴大你的本地化項目。 如果是想深挖某些市場的話,則需要全面從語言、產品功能、推廣渠道以及營銷活動等多方面進行。像英美這些西方國家崇尚簡約主義,這時候在產品設計以及界面色彩搭配上就不需要弄得那麼繁複。
Nbsp; & if you just want to test the potential of certain markets, you can not be so fully localized, for example, can start from the language, and slowly expand your localization project. & amp; nbsp; if it is to dig some in the market, you need to fully from the language, product function, marketing channels, and marketing activities of. These western countries, like Britain and the British advocating minimalist, this time in the product design and the interface of color is not required to make it so complicated.

& nbsp; three, choose a reliable translation

& nbsp; product localization in sea; language translation is a possible factor that may affect the overall situation. Multi language translation can help users to understand and use the product, thereby enhancing the conversion and retention rate.

移動數據分析公司 Distimo 曾針對應用的本地化做過一個測試,結果表明一周后,該應用下載量增加了128%。

Mobile data analysis firms Distimo has done a test for the localization of the application, the results show that after a week, the application downloads increased by 128%. But in some areas, such as india, Indonesia and other regions, due to the low end users, only the English version is not caught. There are like in the Middle East, the order of the text is from right to left, language settings should also take into account the local reading habits to be set accordingly.

& amp; nbsp; and in the promotion process, the title and keywords, keywords localization is equally important, because for the user, these are the first Yingru eye. It affects users to purchase and download behavior.

& nbsp; four; understanding of apple’s “internationalization and localization guide” & nbsp;

在為制定本地化策略、劃定本地化範圍之後,就需要把精力集中到蘋果的身上了,畢竟,我們的應用需要上傳到 app Store 中。而為了幫助開發者們將應用推向世界,蘋果在開發者官網針對本地化以及國際化的步驟等進行了詳細的介紹,大家不妨去仔細研究一下。 
After the localization strategy for the development of localization, the localization range, you need to focus on the apple’s body, after all, our application needs to be uploaded to Store app. In order to help developers will be applied to the world, apple’s official website for localization and internationalization of the official website for a detailed introduction, we may wish to carefully study. Nbsp; &

“&amp app overseas promotion method of sleight of hand”; nbsp;

& nbsp; one, before the promotion of the basic & nbsp;

1 for your products to the competitors in the name stand head and shoulders above others. Nbsp; &

2 for your app design a enough attractive icon, icon should be easy to identify and sufficiently conspicuous.

 3.做好ASO工作,找到最合適你的產品關鍵詞來描述你的app Store上架的產品
& nbsp; 3 do a good job in ASO, find the most suitable for your product key words to describe your Store app shelves of products.

 4.一定要控制你的app安裝包的大小,特別是你在google Play上架的app更要控制apk大小。據調查,95%的用戶會根據安裝包的大小來參考是否要下載一個app
& nbsp; 4 must control the size of your app installation package, in particular, you are on the Play app apk google to control the size of the. According to the survey, 95% of users will be based on the size of the installation package to refer to whether or not to download a app.

& nbsp; two; & nbsp;

1.國外主要的應用市場一直是app Store和google Play,開發者只要做好這兩個市場,相信一定可以獲取絕大部分流量。但是國外也有一些小的應用市場佔有一定的市場份額,比如亞馬遜商店以及其他一些第三方應用推薦分發市場如1mobile、app olocious等。 
1 major foreign application market has been Store google and Play app, as long as the developer of these two markets, I believe you can get the most traffic. But there are a number of foreign application market share of a certain market share, such as the Amazon store and some other third party applications recommended by the distribution market, such as app, olocious 1mobile, etc.. Nbsp; &

2.使用facebook Page、twitter、YouTube推廣。社交巨頭facebook一直以來都是app開發者的推廣必爭之地。或創建一個YouTube專頁,收集一些和產品相關主題的視頻,並且製作一系列相關視頻。 
2 using Page twitter, facebook, YouTube promotion. The social networking giant facebook has always been a hotly contested spot promotion app developers. Or create a YouTube page, and collect some products related to the theme of video, and produced a series of related video. Nbsp; &

3 submitted to a variety of products on the app test site, if the editor found and to help the evaluation, it will bring a lot of traffic. If you find your evaluation for mail them no echo, please don’t be discouraged, continue to drop!

 4.使用第三方應用推薦網站app推廣,比如蘑菇分發、app of the day、appgraist、appallstar等。
& nbsp; 4 use the third party application recommended sites and app promotion, such as mushroom distribution, of the day appgraist, app, appallstar, etc..

 5.在各種問答網站(如Quora、linkedIn Answer、Yahoo Answer等)回答相關的問題,讓你的產品在目標用戶出現的場所更高頻率的出現。
& nbsp; 5 in a variety of questions and answers (such as Quora, Answer, Yahoo, Answer, linkedIn, etc.) to answer the relevant questions, so that your products in the target user appears to place a higher frequency of emergence.

& amp; nbsp; 6. The email marketing is for existing users of a very effective method, foreign users rely on the message than domestic users, do email marketing will enable app conversion rate and activity are maintained at a high level.

 7.爭取app Store官方的推薦。這種方法毫無疑問是每個開發者都夢寐以求的了,但是難度之大也是每個人都了解的。 
& nbsp; 7 for Store app official recommendation. There is no doubt that this approach is the dream of every developer, but the difficulty is that everyone knows. Nbsp; &


移動app“出海”實際上是進入了一個全新的市場,同時還處在google Play或者app Store的管控下。來自本土政府和應用市場的雙重壓力,讓開發者國際化每一步都不是那麼容易。不過既然選擇了國際化,就只得遵守規則,步步為營,最終不斷壯大自己的實力。
To comply with the rules, the step-by-step mobile app sea is actually into a new market, is also in the google play or app store under the control. Dual pressure from the local government and the application of the market, so that every step in the internationalization of the developer is not so easy. However, since the choice of internationalization, had to abide by the rules, step by step, and ultimately continue to grow their own strength.

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