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借《Pokémon GO》東風,這些類似產品在區域市場火了 胡嬡嬡  • 2016-07-11 18:55 – By “Pok e GO mon” Dongfeng, these similar products in the regional market fire

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自7月6日《口袋妖怪 Go》上架新西蘭和澳大利亞以來,便高居iOS免費排行榜榜首。7日上線美國區,連續四天佔據免費排行第一的位置。《口袋妖怪 Go》的火爆,激起了很多非上架地區的玩家的興趣。上架8小時,全球各地玩家紛紛參與“跨服”行動,導致服務器癱瘓,官方不得不封閉了新西蘭區和澳大利亞區。

Since July 6th, “the pocket monster Go” on the shelves of New Zealand and Australia, they topped the list of free iOS. 7 days on the line of the United States, four consecutive days to occupy the first place in the first place. “Pocket monster Go” popular, has aroused a lot of non players in the area of interest. shelves for 8 hours, players throughout the world to participate in cross service action, resulting in a server paralyzed, the official had to close the New Zealand and australia.

隨着《口袋妖怪 Go》大火,出現了不少類似的AR遊戲,並且在各地iOS排行榜上取得不錯的成績。
With the “pocket monster Go” fire, there have been a lot of similar AR games, and in all parts of the iOS rankings have achieved good results.

1、《城市精靈 Go》
1, “city wizard Go”

2016年3月24日首次在app Store上追蹤到,7月8日上架iOS,並迅速登上中國app Store免費排行前五名。目前,《城市精靈 Go》已登頂中國app Store免費排行榜榜首。
March 24, 2016 for the first time in the Store app tracking, July 8th iOS, and quickly boarded the top five Chinese Store app free. At present, the “city” has been a top Chinese wizard Go app Store free list.

《城市精靈 Go》不僅使用《口袋妖怪 Go》相似的名字,也採用LBS玩法。但與《口袋妖怪 Go》抓捕小精靈不同的是,國產的《城市精靈 Go》採用戰鬥模式。玩家找到小精靈並與其戰鬥來獲取精力。
“City wizard Go” not only uses “the pocket monster Go” similar name, also uses LBS to play. But with the “pocket monster Go” capture the elves is different, the domestic “city wizard Go” using the combat mode. Players find elves and fight to get energy.

(1) cooperation with the high moral map

As long as the player opens the game you can see the location of their own, and can use the map to search for other players, their interaction with the exchange.

(2) the top reason

《城市精靈 Go》能迅速登上榜首,不得不說與《口袋妖怪 Go》的受歡迎有直接關係。《城市精靈 Go》在搜索關鍵詞中添加了“pokemon go”關鍵詞,這樣在國內玩家搜索“pokemon go”時,便出現了《城市精靈 Go》。
“City wizard Go” can quickly boarded the top, had to say with the “pocket monster Go” welcome to have a direct relationship. “City wizard Go” in the search keywords to add a “go Pokemon” key words, so that the domestic players in the search “go Pokemon”, they appeared “city wizard Go”.

2、《Pocket GO-Poké Evolution》
2, “GO-Pok Evolution e Pocket”

2016年5月17日上架app Store,7月7日排名提升313位居新加坡區app Store免費排行榜第三位;拿下越南區app Store免費排行榜第一位。
May 17, 2016 Store app, July 7th rankings to upgrade 313 in Singapore’s Store app free list third; take Vietnam area Store app free list first.

《Pocket GO-Poké Evolution》在iTunes上被推薦兩次。
“GO-Pok Evolution e Pocket” in the iTunes is recommended two times.

《Pocket GO-Poké Evolution》是一款戰略類手機遊戲,通過激烈的挑戰玩家可以戰勝怪物,作為一名訓練師玩家能發揮自己的能力來馴服怪獸。
A strategy of mobile games is the pocket GO-Pok Poincar evolution, through fierce challenges players can defeat the monsters, as a trainer players can play their ability to tame the monster.

3、《Pocket Dai Chien – Truy Lùng Quái Thú》
3, “Pocket Dai Chien – Truy L ng Qu I Th connected case”

遊戲於2015年12月上架app Store,用戶評級4.5級。5星評論佔81%。7月7日其排名上升116位居越南區app Store免費下載排行第11位。
The game on December 2015 Store app, user rating 4.5. 5 comments accounted for 81%. In July 7th its ranking rose 116 ranked eleventh in Vietnam area Store app free download.

4、《Go Catch Em All》
4, “Catch Em All Go”

近日排名上升最快的當屬《Go Catch Em All》,該遊戲在英國、香港、意大利、德國等81個國家app Store免費排行榜上登頂榜首。《Go Catch Em All》的玩法與《口袋妖怪 Go》一樣,在AR模式下,玩家通過投擲精靈球捉捕小精靈。《Go Catch Em All》在《口袋妖怪 Go》未上架的地區排名尤其靠前。
Recently ranked the fastest rising was undoubtedly the go catch em all “, the game in the UK, Hong Kong, Italy, Germany and 81 countries app store free ranking topped the list. “Catch Em All Go” of the play and “pocket monster Go”, as in the AR mode, the player through the ball to catch the elf ball. “Catch Em All Go” in “pocket monster Go” not on the top of the list of regions in the top of the list.

&amp nbsp; ;

The game is recommended 632 times on the iTunes home page.

縱觀以上四款遊戲,可以發現它們的排名上升和下載量增高都與近幾日《口袋妖怪 Go》大火有關。而且以上四款遊戲於《口袋妖怪 Go》的玩法、畫面相似。
Throughout the above four games, you can find their rankings rise and downloads increased with the past few days, “pocket monster Go” fire related. And more than four games in the “pocket monster Go” play, similar to the picture.

據分析機構SimilarWeb提供的數據顯示,《口袋妖怪 Go》的日活躍用戶比例高達60%,高達3%的Android手機安裝了這款遊戲。它的受歡迎程度快要超過twitter
According to the data provided by the agency SimilarWeb analysis shows that the pocket monster Go, the proportion of daily active users up to 60%, up to 3% of the Android mobile phone installed this game. Its popularity is about to exceed twitter.

從早前google的《Ingress》,到今日大火的《口袋妖怪 Go》,實景地圖與AR技術結合可以使玩家積極的向戶外運動。目前,中國移動遊戲在LBS服務應用方面才剛剛起步,比如《QQ都市》、《怪獸島》、《神奇寶貝番外》、《我叫MT》以及《名偵探柯南OL》等遊戲均增加了LBS功能。但從整體看,這些遊戲大部分與具備虛擬現實功能的產品還有一定差距。可以預見,LBS在未來手游中的發展還有很大空間。
From the earlier google the ingress “, to today’s fire” the pocket monster go “, the real map and AR technology combined with can keep active internationally to outdoor sports. At present, China mobile game in LBS applications has just started, such as “QQ and the city”, “monster island”, “Baby Magic fan”, “my name is MT, and the detective Conan ol” games have increased the function of lbs. But from the overall perspective, most of these games have a certain gap with the virtual reality features of the product. Can be predicted, LBS in the future development of hand travel there is a lot of space.

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